Gili Meno is one of the three popular Gili Islands near Lombok, Indonesia. It is located between Gili Trawangan; known as the party island and Gili Air; known as a chill out island. Each island has its own distinct charm and vibe, but they share one thing in common; hotspots for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Gili Meno is a relaxing, slow-paced island that will make you feel separated from the rest of the world. There are no motorized vehicles on the island. To get around Gili Meno, you can travel either by foot, rent a bicycle or hire a horse cart (chidomo).

How to get here?

You can fly to Lombok or to Bali as your main point of entry.

From Bali airport, make your way to Padang Bai, and catch a fast boat to Gili Islands. You can sit on the roof of the fast boat for a nice breeze. For more information, please go to Ekajaya Fast Boat.

From Lombok airport, make your way to Bangsal on a hired car or taxi. Hop onto a public boat for IDR 25,000 or a speed boat for IDR 85,000 that runs every hour.

From Gili Trawangan or Gili Air, you can catch the island hopper for IDR 35,000 that runs twice a day or a speed boat for IDR 85,000 that runs every hour.

Where to stay?

Gili Meno has a variety of accommodations to choose from, based on your budget. You can easily rent private villas or glamps by the beach. Wooden boho or lumbung bungalows are available around Gili Meno. Some come with basic amenities, and some have a luxury touch.

Room rates on the three Gili Islands vary by season. High season is between June – October, and December to mid January. Low season starts from November to May.

Villa Sea La Vie is a proud partner of Meno Dive Club.

Where to eat?

Most of the restaurants on Gili Meno are along the beach and also scattered inland.

On Gili Meno, you can easily find a variety of food, from affordable to lavish.

Warungs (local cafes) are popular amongst both locals and tourists. The popular dishes in warungs are curries, peanut sause salad (gado gado), fried rice (nasi goreng) & fried noodles (mee goreng). Another crowd pleasing dish is mix rice (nasi campur).

For dinner, you can indulge with catch of the day seafood; either barbecued or cooked in Asian style.

Things To Do


Besides scuba diving, another popular activity in the Gili Islands is snorkeling.

There are many well-known snorkeling sites off the shore of Gili Meno, and they are easy accessed. One of the favourite sites for instagrammers is the underwater statues of BASK, off the west side of the island.

Gili Meno Lake

Gili Meno is the only Gili island that has a lake. The salt lake on Gili Meno is a great place to wind down for sunset or sunrise.


The beaches on Gili Meno are quiet all year round, and you can easily sunbathe anywhere on the island.

On the eastern shore of Gili Meno, between the harbour and turtle sanctuary lies a sandy pristine beach; a favorite spot for beach goers. For some rest and relaxation, you can have a massage on the beach while sipping an iced cold refreshing coconut juice. There are a number of small huts, eateries and sun decks scattered along this stretch of the beach for comfort.

Sunrise & Sunset

With Mt. Rinjani (Lombok) on the eastern shore and Mt. Agung (Bali) on the western shore, you can enjoy a majestic sunrise while having a morning walk/jog and a romantic sunset while sipping a cocktail or Bintang beer.

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