Single Fun Dive
IDR 540,000

Single Night Dive
IDR 660,000

5 Dive Package
IDR 2,430,000

10 Dive Package
IDR 4,590,000

Adventure Dive
IDR 990,000

Scuba Explorer
IDR 950,000

Basic Diver/Introduction
IDR 950,000

Refresher Course
IDR 950,000

Open Water Course
IDR 5,900,000

Advanced Adventurer
IDR 4,900,000

React Right First Aid
IDR 2,200,000

Rescue Diver
IDR 5,900,000

Rescue Diver & EFR
IDR 7,700,000

EAN Specialty (2 Dives)
IDR 2,800,000

EAN Specialty (No Dive)
IDR 1,700,000

Deep Diver
IDR 4,100,000

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